Executive Search

Specification, Identification and Assess, Interviews, Selection of Executive

Stage 1: Specification

  • Understanding of Client’s business and organization.
  • Agree position’s scope and responsibilities, compensation package, reporting lines and profile of the desired individual with the client
  • Produce a search strategy and plan and communicate it to the Client

Stage 2: Identification and Assess

  • Identify target sources and potential candidates
  • Screen and evaluate candidates
  • Produce a short-list of candidates and prepare individual profiles
  • Present the candidates to the client and get his opinion

Stage 3: Interviews

  • Structured interviews with best potential candidates
  • Compile confidential report to the Client
  • Obtain feedback from both Client and candidate
  • Evaluation of online personality test if previously agreed with the Client

Stage 4: Selection of Executive

  • Arrange final interviews/introduction
  • Mediate the negotiations of salary and benefits
  • Feedback
  • Follow Up – ensure smooth transition of the executive and client satisfaction

We keep contact with both parties of the search process after its successful completion. We support the newly appointed executive for 3 months to fit into the new working environment smoothly.

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