Do you miss an important member of your team?
Has a key employee quit recently?
Do you work with millenials?
Profound and reliable information on your current or future colleagues?

Our mission is to find the perfect match . We seek people who are in line with the company culture of our Clients. This is our business.

Executive search is a kind of art – a special combination of imagination, persistence and understanding of people . At Ikelosz, we strive to establish a lasting match between a person and a team - for mutual success and satisfaction. We take it seriously, and it is a joy to witness when we achieve this goal. Whether you’re a client or a candidate: a lot of life is working together.

At IKELOSZ we believe, that

  • Every company has one great competitive advantage – its great people
  • There is a right person for every job
  • We CAN find this person
  • We apply individual approach to every assignment, following its unique specifics. We seek for tailor-made solutions to match exactly with our clients’ requirements.
  • During every assignment, we respect and treat both the client and the candidates fairly and keep them regularly updated.

Ikelosz Kft. is therefore an exclusive partner in Hungary for Kennedy Executive Search & Consulting

Kennedy Executive provides us with an extensive international network and enables us to conduct consistent and qualified processes across national borders. For further information pkease click ont he link below.


The fate of every organization is in the hands of its Management . The future of the collegues depends on your company.


Have you detected a bottleneck in your company?
Do you miss an important member of your team?
Has a key employee quit recently?
Decision makers, CEO-s, HR Managers, Owners


Profound and reliable information on your current or future colleagues
HR Managers, CEO-s


Business Coaching
Career Coaching
Coaching for Millenials
Management team members

Would you like to the be memeber of an exclusive club?

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