Our clients love to work with us.

“Working with GyörgyKobelrauschmeans professionalism for me. I am sure, that the quality of the service is consistently high and the delivery is tailor-made. It is critically important for me, that Györgyintroduces not only appropriate candidates but they also fit into the culture of the team.

Edit Diós, HR Director, Budapest Waterworks

Budapest Waterworks

“We have been working together with György for years. I like his style as an executive search consultant, as cooperation partner and as aperson alike. He is calm, balanced, quickly understands what is requested.. He arrives at every meeting prepared. If he feels that the information provided by us is not enough to find the proper candidates he „pushes” me kindly until he can see the whole scope of the project. For me it is extremely important in every human relationship -human or professional- to respect each other, to appreciate the support received from the other party. This characterizes our cooperation. It has to be like that…

Adrienne Nagy,HR Department Head, MKB Bank

MKB Bank

“Gyorgy is not only a very professional head-hunter but also a person bringing a wealth of experience of the life, 360°. I recommended him to one of my best Clients in Hungary and the results were more than positive.”

Tiziano Bianconcini, Business Consultant, former HR Director
SCAHygienie Products Italy

SCAHygienie Products Italy

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